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The Bernhardt method

Klaus Bernhardt worked as a medical and science journalist for many years before he decided to completely change direction. After various training courses, he dedicated himself entirely to researching anxiety disorders. He is a member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Education Management (AFNB) and thus has access to the latest findings in brain research.

Today’s Spiegel best-selling author evaluated countless neuroscientific studies for his publications, some of which are unknown in German-speaking countries. Based on his research, he developed exercises and techniques that today form the basis of the Bernhardt Method and can be used effectively to cope with anxiety disorders and associated panic attacks. Not only are they very effective, but when used consistently they show good results comparatively quickly.
Applied purposefully and independently, they can enable you to overcome the anxiety disorder on your own (preferably with the guidance of a person trained in the Bernhardt Method) and without the aids that are often used in psychotherapy, such as medication or confrontation.

The method relies exclusively on the brain’s self-healing mechanisms. Essential work in this area, especially “neuroplasticity” – i.e. the brain’s ability to change itself – was carried out by Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel, who was honored with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000.

He has now further developed the Bernhardt method for three topic blocks and describes its application for the various areas in detail in the following three books. Based on the considerable success of this method, more and more psychologists and doctors are now becoming aware of this great form of therapy.