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Help with compulsions

Are your thoughts driving you crazy?

You know that question: “Did I do it or forgot?!?” … whatever “it” could be… it drives you crazy… because “the groundhog says hello every day!”.

Stressful obsessive thoughts can be a big challenge for you. They often manifest as unwanted, intrusive thoughts, images or impulses that you find disruptive and stressful. These thoughts are not just worries about everyday things, but they are more intense and can have a significant impact on your mood and behavior.

A typical feature of these thoughts is that you recognize them as meaningless or irrational, but still have difficulty ignoring or stopping them. They can relate to various topics, such as fear of pollution, extreme concerns about safety or order, or even inappropriate or taboo topics.

Don't lose control now!

These obsessions can cause you to develop certain rituals or behaviors called compulsions. These actions serve to reduce the anxiety or discomfort caused by the thoughts. For example, repeatedly washing your hands could be a response to a fear of germs, or checking locks could arise from a worry that something bad could happen if everything isn’t perfectly secured.

The classic example, which almost everyone has probably experienced, is the question of whether, for example, you have turned off the stove or the iron.

It only becomes problematic and extremely stressful when you have to “check” not just once but several times to see whether you have actually turned off the stove or the iron.

It is important to understand that obsessions and compulsions are a form of mental disorder known as obsessive-compulsive disorder. They are not your fault and they do not define you as a person. There are many effective treatments that can help you not only manage your symptoms but also address the causes and thus improve your quality of life.

First it has to be really clean!

You struggle with obsessive thoughts about cleanliness that constantly occupy your mind and lead to an excessive need for cleanliness. These thoughts revolve around fear of pollution or germs and can cause you to clean or wash frequently.

Despite these efforts, you often find no relief because these doubtful thoughts persist and have a massive impact on your well-being. It is important to be aware that such thoughts can also be a form of OCD and professional help is available. You are not alone in this challenge, and there are ways to take back control of your thoughts and actions.

Nothing beats your “magic number”!?!

You may also struggle with compulsive counting thoughts or actions that manifest themselves daily in you as a form of OCD. What is your “magic number”?!?

You feel a strong urge to count certain things around you over and over again, such as steps, tiles, or even repetitions of everyday actions. These thoughts and actions can feel intrusive and uncontrollable, with counting often appearing as a way to cope with anxiety or fear. However, it is important to recognize that these actions often cause more stress than they relieve.

Breaking this cycle can be achieved with professional help. You will learn to address underlying fears and develop effective coping strategies.

You know such or similar situations in your life, but you are not sure whether your thoughts or actions that keep coming up need treatment. Well, as soon as you find obsessions or obsessions unpleasant or even frightening, you shouldn’t wait any longer!
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