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Lovebiome: Healthy gut - healthy brain

Living intestinal bacteria that have a positive influence on our psyche are called psychobiotics.

What is the theme? ... and why is this topic important?!?

Human microbiomes (in the mouth, intestines, skin and genital area) consist of numerous viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Around 100 trillion symbiotic microbes make up a human’s microbiome. That’s 10 times more than we have cells. The latest studies suggest that high microbial diversity is a generally good indicator of a healthy gut and longevity. An intact, balanced intestinal microbiome is important because it is the basis for a balanced psyche!

Why Lovebiome for your intestines?

Overall, the gut plays one, if not THE, crucial role in overall health, influencing digestion, metabolism, immune function and many other aspects. Therefore, maintaining a healthy gut is of great importance for maintaining health and well-being.

Who is Lovebiome?

In this short video, learn more about Lovebiome as a company, the background, why the company was founded, and how the products will help you lead a healthy life.

What solutions does Lovebiome offer?

Ok, how can I start? With the “Daily 3” products from Lovebiome you can ensure that your intestines finally recover every morning.

Feel the “power of plants”:

In addition to the “Daily 3” products, there are also the following targeted probiotics that will help you address your individual issues (e.g. losing weight, better sleep… etc.):

PhytoPower W - weight management

PhytoPower W delivers the most powerful combination of targeted probiotics and a unique blend of prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds friendly bacteria. This process creates postbiotics that deliver key weight-management benefits. This is the LoveBiome visionary approach to weight management, centered on microbiome health.

PhytoPower E - Energy-Booster

The center of energy production is the gut microbiome. A diverse biotic community in the gut creates the perfect environment for creating and harvesting energy. PhytoPower E is an energy creation and harvesting formula.

PhytoPower C - calm and stress management

The most important connection in the human body is the gut-brain connection. This connection is critical for proper stress management, restful sleep, and peaceful calm.

PhytoPower B - block the sugar

Nothing disrupts the balance of the gut microbiome more than sugar. Use PhytoPower B every day to block carbs and sugar.

Do you want yours too?

Finally clean up the intestinal microbiome?

Now here you will find all the necessary information:

What business opportunity does Lovebiome offer you?