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Anxiety and panic attacks

Basically, fear is a natural emotional response triggered by perceived threats, and it serves as an important survival mechanism to respond to danger. However, it can become problematic when it occurs disproportionately or in situations that do not pose a real threat. As an escalation, panic attacks are forms of intense fear that occur suddenly and often for no apparent reason, and they are accompanied by physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and a feeling of alienation or loss of contact with reality. More…

Burnout and depression

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental and often physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress and excessive demands, particularly in a professional context. It is characterized by symptoms such as lack of energy, disinterest and reduced performance, often accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness and ineffectiveness at work. Depression is a mental illness that affects mood, thinking, and behavior and is manifested by persistent sadness, loss of interest or enjoyment in activities one once enjoyed, and feelings of worthlessness and fatigue. More…


Compulsions are recurring, unwanted thoughts, impulses, or images (obsessive thoughts), as well as repeated, ritualized behaviors or mental actions (compulsive actions) that a person feels to reduce fear or discomfort or to prevent feared events or situations. The obsessive thoughts are often intrusive and cause significant distress because they can be perceived as inappropriate or irrational, yet are difficult to ignore or control. Compulsions are behaviors or mental acts that a person performs repeatedly, usually according to strict rules or in a ritualized manner, often in the belief that they will avert harmful events or reduce anxiety. More…

Emotional trauma

Mental trauma is profound psychological injury caused by extremely stressful or disturbing events, such as violence, abuse, serious accidents or natural disasters. They can lead to long-lasting, negative effects on a person’s emotional, mental and physical health, including symptoms such as anxiety, depression, flashbacks and nightmares. Traumatized individuals may have persistent difficulty coping with normal everyday situations and relationships because the trauma may affect their ability to regulate emotions and have trust in themselves and others. More…

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In times in which short-term commercial success – often on the backs of the employees – increasingly seems to be the only measure of all things, we have set ourselves the goal of finally bringing lightness, carefreeness and joy of life back into people’s everyday lives ultimately bring it into companies.

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